Prosperity Ritual Kit


Perfect for...

- Welcoming achievement 

- Creating a space for abundance 

Your success is limitless! Create daily rituals that will inspire your ultimate potential or gift this kit to a friend to help them reach an achievement. 

The Prosperity kit features Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, a raw Green Calcite stone and a raw Citrine Quartz crystal to unlock the success you desire. 

Prosperity Ritual Kit:

1.) Clear unwanted energy by lighting either the Sage or Palo Santo in your space. Use the smoke and walk around counter-clockwise to reach every corner. 

2.) Charge your crystals with your energy by holding them and thinking about your intentions. 

Green Calcite - charge with an intention to manifest success

Citrine Quartz - charge with an intention to manifest abundance

3.) Place the Selenite next to your crystals to keep them charged and the energy in your space balanced. 

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