New Beginnings Ritual Kit


Perfect for...

- Welcoming a new path or journey

- Good luck and good fortune

Trust the magic of new beginnings! Create a daily ritual that will inspire your ultimate potential or gift this kit to a friend to help build a new life path. 

The New Beginnings Ritual Kit features Sage, Palo Santo, Selenite, a raw Amazonite stone and a tumbled Tiger's Eye stone to discover the new beginnings you seek. 

New Beginnings Ritual Guide:

1.) Clear unwanted energy by lighting either the Sage or Palo Santo in your space. 

2.) Charge your crystals with your energy by holding them and thinking about your intentions. 

Raw Amazonite - charge with an intention for strength

Tiger's Eye - charge with an intention to persevere 

3.) Place the Selenite next to your crystals to keep them charged and the energy in your space balanced. 

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