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Keep Sacred - Affirmations Deck


🌟Self-care starts with reflection and taking the time to know yourself better. The main goal for this affirmation deck is to inspire self inquiry and positive growth in your life and day to day. 

🌟Each card holds a certain phrase or mantra that reflects back to the main theme of the card. The themes were created to help inspire positive empowerment and values you may wish to embody. Along with the theme, there is a mantra, symbol and Keep Sacred practice to take this affirmation further and reflect. Some of the practices may include; guided meditations, journal prompts, nature walks, and more.

🌟This affirmation deck was mindfully crafted over the course of a year with intuition and love. 

🌟May this Keep Sacred Deck bring you joy, magic and a time to be sacred.


  • 45 illustrated affirmation cards

    Size: 4.75X 2.75

  • Custom rose gold foil box

  • 45 page guidebook

  • Engraved wooden card stand

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