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Face Roller- Jade


Why We Love It:

Xinjiang Jade. Jade is all about healing energy, while most crystals are told to help with healing Jade is a superstar. Promoting harmony in the mind, body, and spirit is what you will find in this beautiful green stone as it has strong connections to the heart chakra. Bringing good healing energy to your morning or night routine will not only help you calm your spirit in the moment, but will help you continue to carry that calm throughout the day. This timeless face roller was hand carved and polished by trained hands just for you. 

Face Rollers are used to seamlessly roll across your face to reduce wrinkles, anxiety, and stress in your facial muscles. As you apply the roller to your face you will relieve puffiness and encourage blood flow throughout. Leave in fridge to cool stone. 

Enjoy your face rolling time as a meditation to relieve the tensions of your world. Breathe in and out as you press the calming cold stone to tired eyes. 


-Jade Double Roller

-Mini Travel Roller

-Protection Bag

-How To Guide

-Cute Gift Box

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