Hot Towels, Facial Care, and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil - great for the kitchen and your face!

Face Wash:

Try using a bit of coconut oil to wash your face rather than harsh cleansers or soaps. Your face naturally produces oils that, and mixing oil + water + soap doesn't quite get the job done! Oil and oil, actually mixes which means the coconut oil will collect all the stuff we do not want on our face.

Nightly Routine:

I start by covering my face in coconut oil, massaging over my skin with my fingers. I run the tap so the water gets hot, soak a wash cloth to my desired temperature, then rest on my face. The hot towel makes my nightly routine feel like I am floating away to a spa. Once I have let the steam open my pores and I let the coconut oil collect all the dirt and extra oils on my face, I use the towel to wipe it all off. Finally, I finish up with my favorite moisturizer and eye cream, and I am off to dream.