Essential Oils: The Basics

What are Essential Oils? 

Essential Oils are organic compounds extracted from plants that have therapeutic properties. They are very complex and consist of hundreds of unique chemical constituents. They mesh wonderfully with the cells in our body.

Essential oils come from distilling the bark, leaves, fruit, stems, and roots of plants. They are the lifeblood of the plant, and when these plants are grown, harvested, and distilled properly they can be very helpful to our human bodies. 

Essential Oils are composed of teeny tiny molecules that are so small they can pass through our tissues and go directly into our cells. Our body systems are super effective and can transport these molecules throughout our body in minutes. 

Within 20 seconds the oil has reached your brain, by 2 minutes the oil can be found in your blood stream, and by 20 minutes the oil can be found in every cell of your body. 


How to use Essential Oils:

Topically - use a carrier oil to directly apply the eo onto your skin to be absorbed.

Aromatically - by inhaling the oil from the bottle or your hand, or using a diffuser to distribute the oil into the air.

Internally - by drinking or eating the essential oil, use caution with this method and only use pure essential oils.



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*Disclaimer: We are not doctors, we cannot heal you, we are just a bunch of hippies. Please see a doctor if you are seeking medical advice.*