Material Guide: Hemp

What is hemp?

Hemp is a natural fiber (of Cannabis variety, minus the THC = no psychoactive affects) that has been used and cultivated globally for hundreds of thousands of years.

This fabric has lots of natural benefits when used to create your clothes, such as keeping you cool in summer, warm in winter, and guarding your skin from harmful UV rays. 

Women's Roamer Pants in Charcoal, Tencel/Hemp Blend 

What makes hemp a sustainable fabric?

Hemp is highly regarded as a low impact crop, making it good for you, good for the earth, and good for farmers.

No Chemicals/Toxins

Hemp is so naturally resilient to pests, fungus, and disease that it doesn't need harsh chemical herbicides or pesticides to ensure it grows up nice and healthy. 

Gentle on the Earth

Hemp requires very little water to grow, and it returns up to 70% of nutrients it takes from the soil - making it earth friendly. 

Easy Growth

With no need to worry about herbicides or pesticides, and the plant leaving behind usable soil, Hemp grows without negatively impacting farmers. As a bonus, it also thrives in small spaces, meaning farmers have more land available for other crops.

Men's Voyager Shirt in Black, Tencel/Hemp Blend


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