Why Greenrose

I had been working in the retail world for a while when I realized we could do better. Consumers, companies, manufacturers, farmers, and distributors, we all have a responsibility to be better and expect better from others.

I wanted to work for a company that shared my values, a company I would be proud to work for. An easy and enjoyable shopping experience with natural, eco conscious products and ways of production. While on a backpacking trip through Western Europe and Scandinavia I fell in love with their cultural connection to clothing and where they come from. I would walk into shops that had strong values with the earth, clothing production, and shopping with a purpose. It blew my mind how conscious their consumer market was, I fell in love.

When creating the idea for Greenrose I wanted a place for my customers (and myself) to be able to shop without having to question if the products were made ethically, with natural materials, and natural dyes. Our fashion industry fell into a fast fashion cycle that is dangerous to not only our environment and water supply, but to the people who work with these dangerous chemicals, or live nearby and have to deal with the production waste. We must do better.

We as consumers have the power to decide what future we want for our fashion industry. With ever purchase you are choosing who and what values you support, thank you for shopping with us and choosing to support a more conscious consumer culture. 

At Greenrose we strive to work with companies that share our values through the entire supply chain. We love supporting small businesses and are always on the hunt for new venders to support. Stay tuned for more good stuff.

Lots of love,

Daphne Scott

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