My Kind of Therapy

Retail Therapy

The feel of fabrics, metals, buttons, and zippers, the feeling you get when walking into a breathtaking shop for the first time. The thrill of finding that perfect item that speaks to your soul. The smells and vibrations of each shop that you walk into tells a different story. The connection of loving things that other humans love. The creativity expressed through a sales floor and a table display. The balance of classic, functional, stylish, and bold, effortlessly flowing together.

Growing up shopping was the time I got to spend with my mother, bonding, laughing, enjoying retail therapy. I come from a big family so shopping for each child was a challenge, one we fully enjoyed since we got to do it together. We would hit annual sales, spend hours in department stores hiding away from the stress of our lives. We picked up our iced coffee, and maybe a special treat, these are the memories I will cherish forever. 

Once I was able to work a real job, and not just babysitting the neighbors, I applied to a resale clothing shop, and began a beautiful relationship with retail. I was trained as a buyer and to do that I spent hours walking the malls, touching each fabric, studying new arrivals and sales racks, understanding the flow and timeline of fashion. What metals were being used, what was the fabric content? Which brands were selling to whom and which were continually on sale? I was taught to fully understand the fashion world from the make of the product, to who makes it, to the corporations behind each brand. I had binders to study filled with the history of fashion and I absorbed it all. I fell deeply in love with the industry. Fashion is a language. We connect with people of like styles, we live our lives similarly, we are able to express ourselves in the simplest or boldest of ways. Truly beautiful, I fell in love.

I spent the next few years not sure where my life would lead me, all I knew is that I wanted to love my work. I tried University and I found that I enjoyed working and learning with my hands so much more. I stepped back into retail in a hippie store in a mall. And I absolutely loved it, our customers were wonderful, kind, excited, and consistent. I quickly worked my way through the company, learning everything I could with the help of an inspiring manager. 

While working in corporate retail I was asked to be a consult for a shop that was opening. I consulted and opened two stores for other people before I even thought to consider doing it for myself. I was sitting in an interview, again not sure what the future held and the kind man across the table said "What will you do after you help me open this store? What is your three year plan?" And I sat there shocked, who has a three year plan at 20 years old?, then blurted out "I will open my own shop." I remember that moment so clearly, I left that day with a passion inside my heart. 

I finished planning the shop for him and shortly after I took a two month vacation to Europe where we traveled through 12 countries and I walked in every single shop that we passed. I fell head over heels for the products, the mission, the fabrics, the conscious purchasing, it was life-changing. And it set the dream in motion for Greenrose. 

You see, the more I got into retail the more my heart broke. I learned about waste management, factory safety regulations, chemical spills, unfair pay, pesticides, toxicity. Retail is so much more than that shirt you'll only wear once. Retail is love, passion, self-expression, comfort and investment. 

My goal with Greenrose is to help more people experience Retail Therapy. Come to the shop to feel, smell, see, listen, and grab a local chai for a tasty treat. I want to encourage you to shop consciously and enjoy it every step of the way. Appreciate the beauty that was thought of, designed, and produced for our joy. I promise to always bring the best products to our floor, fairly made, good for your skin and the earth, and transparent the entire way. Bringing beauty back into the retail world.

lots of love,


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